Thursday, 30 June 2011

Fashion inspiration: 
Carine Roitfeld
I want to take a moment to applaud the woman who has brought a LOT to the world of FASHION and MAGAZINES.
Ex EDITOR at VOGUE Paris, she brought the fashion magazine to another level, away from the countless adds ans classically boring editorials. She showed, through Vogue magazine what we can really do with fashion. 

 One of the Vogue issues under her direction in 2008 and also one of my favorite ones, with the controversial editorial with supermodel Raquel Zimmerman

 I am also a huge fan of her personal style, she dresses away from the classic Chanel or Vuitton look into a more ROCK and EDGY style. She rarely disappoints with her wardrobe style and she's still keeping it up, showing that you can still be rocking at 50!!

 Rocking the black in Balmain, Givenchy  and D&G

Or pulling a 180 with ultra white and chic frocks.
So stylish in the boots with the FUR...
And of course Carine does not forget that color does exist playing with neutral, safari material and bold colors!

To all my fashion lovers, MODALITE is officially hooked!!

I am so excited to announce that MODALITE has had their first business cards published today!! Be ready for an explosion of FASHION, with even more detailed new trends, looks, news, STREET STYLE and everything that relates to what we love to call la MODE!!

I want to thank all of my readers for their constant support!! If it weren't for this universally shared passion for fashion, our everyday lives would be dominated by the lack of spice, originality, individualism and creativity!!

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Fixing, Mixing, Printing?
Thinking outside the box, trying out things you never would have thought of wearing before, dressing up outside of your comfort zone, that`s what Fashion is all about. Don`t be afraid of mixing prints with color, and going for a different structure in the look. It`s time to gravitate to the more edgy style rather then sticking with the habitual floral print.
The Label went for their unusual structured look mix matching unmatchable colors with gray, black and white. Marni, which is already recognized as having one of the more edgier ready to wear looks definitely live up to their name with this UNIQUE and DIFFERENT collection.
Street Style, Comics, Colour, Urban is what Dolce&Gabbana went for this look, proving that men can wear FUR and celebrating this YOUNG collection with style.
PRADA brought the stripes back with black! Mixing colors and fixing with furs, cool hand bags, shoes and Sunglasses, this is the ultimate COOL collection.
This trend made me discover new things in terms of style and things to try out. Inspiration comes by trying things out, and not being afraid of the RIDICULE, be your own fashion superhero!

I am absolutely in love with this black and White Marni Bag!! I feel like it can go well with anything, and make everything look trendy! Don`t stop the creativeness to the clothes!! Often a great pair of shoes and a bag are what completes an outfit and make it look irresistible!!

Friday, 24 June 2011

And who said women couldn't pull off the tuxedo look?
 Ralph Lauren, Prabal Gurung and Alexander Wang displays the powerful woman in sophisticated and intimidating tuxedo's. I love Prabal Gurung's extra leather touch which gives an edge to the business look.
  Powerful and fashionable celebrities like Alexa Chung and Victoria Beckham went against the grain in their choice of wardrobe.

But wearing a tuxedo doesn't mean you have to limit yourself to wearing black and white. You can spice it up with lace, Chunky boots, a statement necklace and retro glasses. Not only people take you seriously but you also get fashion respect...from me.
Long skirts are also in for the season and they can be worn in the office or for a fashion night out!

Wednesday, 22 June 2011


Milan's Summer 2012 Men's Fashionweek showed of some pretty cool looks. The hardest thing with menswear is being able to diverge from that classic look without totally going overboard...Let's take a look at what they've got...
Emporio Armani went for Indigo and Gray and I must say that it works perfectly fine!!
I love this ETRO look! Kean Etro manages to pull off two different prints by color coordinating them with blue. And Chunky Blue socks with moccasins makes the perfect Love Affair.
The Roberto Cavalli collection looks good as a whole, from afar, but I'm not sure that I'm loving the blue and pink stripes together..It just look incongruous...
Dolce & Gabanna perfected the casual business look; Even with shorts, I could still take this guy seriously.

Burberry Prorsum had some interesting looks for their collection. The striped coat is original and it can really suit a man perfectly, I like it.
This FRANKIE MORELLO outfit is my favorite. I love the cut of the pants and the color code for the suit is perfect. My only comment would be, Why the sandals?
Men can also pull off the Nude Trend as CORNELIANI demonstrates in this business casual ensemble.

Really nice casual look from MISSONI.

COSTUME NATIONAL added un air de boheme and french poet to their Men's look, which is really attractive..
GUCCI got it right with a Chic and Preppy look. The pieces seem really well tailored and you can never go wrong with Black, White and Gray.

VIVIENNE WESTWOOD redesigned the tuxedo and she did it well!! It looks absolutely dashing!!
VERSACE went for...Crazy!! It's quite unusual...The outfit certainly draws attention...

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Attention to all the Fashion lovers out there!! An exceptional
New emerging Haute Couture Jewellery Company Garde Del Avante will be having a sale tomorrow, June 22nd for this day only! Most of their pieces will be on sale at! I just can’t wait!!
 Celebrities like Keshia Chante, Cascada and Tasha from the Candy Coated Killahz have already been seen wearing Garde Del Avante pieces!!
Tasha from the Candy Coated Killahz wore the Glamazon Necklace from Garde Del Avante's Indigene Haute Couture Collection at the MMVAs!!
 Here I am wearing  Garde Del Avante's Monroe Necklace. It will be one of the items featured on Sale at 35% off!!
STREET festival
On Sunday, June 19th, the atmosphere was at the party in the Little Italy neighborhood in Toronto!! Strolling down College Street, I tried to snap some shots of this festive moment. From stylish citizens, to singers, palm writers, ice cream and iguana's, everyone was there to enjoy the beautiful day!

 Everyone had their own little business going on, each trying to get the customer's attention. I mean I was pretty tempted by Psychic Gina and the Oysters...But I ended up with lemonade.. I was to chicken to hold on to the iguana..
And of course whenever there is a festival, there is always some interesting Fashion going on...
 Very cute maxi dress, so easy to put on, comfortable yet stylish, that's what summer fashion is all about!
Perfectly matching with white shorts, runners and a simple dress shirt. This city boy saved the tennisman look by pairing it with a Gucci bag and corky glasses.
And the Balenciaga will off course never go out of style, it can make a casual outfit look trendy and fashionsmart.
 Again another smart look by pairing a hot pink shoulder bag with a white and neutral outfit. It makes the whole ensemble interesting and fun rather than just plain and boring.
 This dude perfectly pulls off the dangerous multicolored T-shirt with the light blue shoes and black jeans.Peace!
And here we are!! I am pairing a sequined dress-turned-skirt with a cool printed T-shirt from Forever XXI, a Chanel bag and to casual it up, I wore a pair of black converse. My sister is wearing a beautiful (I made her buy it) HM dress that looks like a D&G. Soo romantic!